Onboarding That Gets Employees Productive Quickly

Why Small Business Must Onboard Quickly To Keep From Overwhelming Their Superstars

Productive Onboarding Can…

1. Engage employees when they are most excited to work for you. If your new hire is not asking questions they are disengaged already and might be unmotivated. You cannot train for laziness. However, you are responsible for creating an environment where the new hires feel comfortable to ask questions.

General Onboarding Guidelines

1. Onboarding can be boring, make sure to mix up the boring stuff with the fun stuff. It all has to be learned, it doesn’t all have to be learned in a specific order.

Onboarding Checklist We Use

Before Day One

1. Get the new hire’s workstation and equipment needs ready. Don’t make the new hire hunt down what they need to do their job. I worked with a nursing home that hired a bookkeeper but had no computer for her to use. Unless you are still using paper books (God help you) your bookkeeper needs a computer.

“The new guy starts tomorrow”

or this way,

“Please be sure to welcome the newest member of our team tomorrow. She’s a bright college student studying finance at the university. You’re going to love her positive nature.”

The latter pre-frames the new hire in a way that sets her up for success.

Day One

1. Orientation

Day Two

1. Guest Room Preparation

Day Three & Four

1. Salon Cleaning (Did I mention how important cleaning is?”

Day Five

1. Finish Any Missing Checklist Items

What’s Next?

It’s a race — onboard fast so your superstars can be productive again.



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Don Kermath

Don Kermath transforms your workforce into productive, cohesive, team-players who stay for the long haul and contribute to innovation and excellence on the job.